Pebble and the Penguin (Full Screen) (Sous-titres français)


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From the majestic landscapes of a frozen land comes a beloved ani-mated adventure to warm everyone’s heart. Featuring the incom-parable songs of Barry Manilow and Bruce Sussman,and the voice talents of Martin Short,James Belushi, Tim Curry andAnnie Golden, this animated tale from the creator of TheSecret ofNIMH is a magical musical treat for all. “Your kids will love it…and you will to0”(Elayne Blythe,Film Advisory Board,The Full Moon Mating Ceremony,a real-life penguin tradition,requires that bachelor birds present pebbles to their sweethearts. And in this film, a shy bird named Hubie has the perfect stone for his love, Marina. But there’s consider-able competition for Marina’s affections, and in an exciting race against time,sea, storm and a host of other obstacles,Hubie learns that it’s not the per-fect pebble-but rather the perfect penguin – that always gets the girl.

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