Dot the I (Widescreen Edition) (Sous-titres français)


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At her bachelorette party,lovely Carmen chooses from among the restaurant diners a handsome man with whom she shares her last kiss as a free woman – a kiss that makes her think she’s not ready for marriage.
A wavering bride,a stranger,an earnest groom:”romantic triangle,”right?Thinkagain.To that setup,writer/director Matthew Parkhill adds twist after twist to shape a surprising romantic thriller.Gael Garcia Bernal (The Motorcycle Diaries)plays the stranger.Natalia Verbeke is Carmen. And James D’Arcy (Master andCommander:The Far Side of the World) portrays her fiancé.Each has secrets to be revealed Each is prey to the others’ agendas.Keep your eyes open.Don’t Miss a detail.Cross your t’s and Dot the i.

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