Chicken Run (Widescreen)


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While the chickens on evil Mrs. Tweedy’s farm dream of a better life, a cleverhen named Ginger is hatching plans to fly the coop-for good! The only problem is,chickens can’t fly…or can they? Every escape attempt goes fowl until Rocky,smooth-talking All-American rooster, crash-lands into the coop. It’s hardly poultry in motion when Rocky attempts to teach Ginger and her fine feathered friends to fly…but,with teamwork,determination and a little bit o’ cluck, the fearless flock plots one last daring attempt in a spectacular bid for freedom!
Featuring unforgettable characters, incredible animation, and all-star voice talent,this instant classic from the Academy Award®-winning’ creators ofWallace & Gromit is eggs-traordinary fun for the whole family!

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